$24 Wellness Exams for Healthy New Patients

About Us

Furever Family Animal Hospital is located in the heart of downtown Maitland. We offer elite and compassionate veterinary services to our clients and patients. Our goal is to help you provide the absolute best care to the pets in our community with lifetime comprehensive care. We offer treatment plans for all budgets and lifestyles.  We spend one-on-one time with each of our pet parents.  Come in today to see what our family can do for yours!  

Services Provided

  • Lifetime Comprehensive Care
  • Preventative Care (wellness exams, vaccinations, deworming, bloodwork, etc).  See our packages with low monthly payments for your convenience.
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostic Testing  (x-rays, blood work, fecal testing, urinalysis, ultrasound, etc) 
  • Hospitalization 
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
  • Oxygen Support for critical cases
  • Medical Boarding 
  • Medical Grooming Services
  • Housecall Services

Video - Getting ready for surgery

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